People use drugs such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, meth and other illegal substances due to several reasons. It could be due to peer pressure, and one wants to be ‘in’. It could also be due to problems related to family or even work. For some, they simply want to have a way to escape from reality. While for others, they take drugs because they think that it is fun. Some even do it out of curiosity.

Whatever the reason is, using drugs has consequences. It could compromise your job as well as your relationship with your family and friends. Experts at IPPC Web also argues that abusive parents can also be subjected to drug test to reassure social workers that you aren’t a danger to your children. They have also given steps on how to pass hair drug test for cps though you have the right to refuse one. It could also cause financial problems sooner or later because drugs are not cheap at all. They could drag you down. And not only that; illegal drugs can affect your health. For this reason, it is important that you stay away from them. Or, if you have been using such substances, it is not yet too late. You can still cleanse your body.

Drug Detoxification

For people who have been dependent on illegal drugs, one of the most important steps that they have to take is a process called detoxification. In a nutshell, this is an intervention that is meant to treat drug dependency and deal with all the withdrawal symptoms.

Many people, especially those who are really addicted to drugs, go to a rehab center. But for minor cases, there are home remedies that you can use to detox your body from drugs. These include;

Drink Enough Water

drinking waterDrinking water is probably the simplest solution that you can use to cleanse yourself. As you use drugs, more and more toxins get stuck in your system, and all of these can be flushed out by taking in enough water. With this, your kidneys, as well as your liver, play a vital role.

Moreover, you can add lemon extract to your drinking water as the acid that it contains will help a lot in the detoxification process. Ginger and honey would be a great addition too.

Engage in Physical Activities

Exercising and engaging in physical activities can also help detoxify your body as this will make you sweat, which, in turn, will allow you to get rid of the toxins from your body through the form of sweat or perspiration.

What to Do to Pass a Drug Test: Use of Detox Pills

So, what if you need to pass a drug test? Say, for instance, you are applying for a job. If you know that it is not yet safe to pass a sample of your urine, then you have to think of a way. A lot of people are now using detox pills to get rid of toxins from the body. The best detox pills for drug test work to provide the best detox experience that one could ask for. They also act quickly and produce the desired results each and every time

Marijuana has always been a drug synonymous with causing harm to human health. There are potential and quite harmful health risks of marijuana, such as mental imbalance and over-dependency on it. However, there has been a lot of contention over whether the marijuana plant is beneficial or harmful.

Recent studies have shown that cannabis has actual benefits if correctly used. As a result, its popularity has steadily been on the rise while the stigma associated with using it has significantly reduced. Different equipment have been introduced as well to make it easier to use weed. Once of which is the so-called weed grinder. In fact, you can even make  your very own at home.

So, you may be wondering exactly what these benefits are. This is an in-depth analysis of these benefits that will bring you to light as about this;

Proven to Fight, Regulate, and Prevent a Number of Diseases

cannabisIt has always been said that weed is the major reason behind some diseases. While this is true, Recent scientific studies and researches show and affirm that it can actually aid in curing several physical problems and illnesses. Listed below are just some of the few diseases and instances that this drug can aid in;

  • Reducing effects of Hepatitis C
  • Eradicating Glaucoma
  • Controlling seizures associated with epilepsy

Aids in Weight Reduction and Improved Metabolism

This is definitely great news for the obese or anyone trying to cut down on weight. This drug helps the body in the regulation of daily calorie intake effectively and efficiently. This explains why a majority of weed smokers are slimmer as compared to non-smokers.

Ends Anxiety and Depression

This is one of the major effects of marijuana. Weed puts to an end depression and anxiety from the user’s mind. Harvard Medical School in 2010 shows and proves that it can act as a mild sedative and assists in enhancing the user’s mood.

It Is a Safer Alternative Compared to Other Addictions

Studies recently conducted reveal that it is much easier for people with other sorts of addictions to put an end to those addictions and gravitate towards weed. This is very compelling as it can help save very many lives that die as a result of these deadly hard drugs.

Stimulates Mental Creativity and Helps Focus

Weed affects the mental state of the body. Much as this is true, medical marijuana is also said to heighten creativity and assist people to focus on their work more efficiently. Research shows that people perform quite well when undertaking tests that require them to come up with innovative ideas. Recent studies show that weed makes you smarter. This is contrary to wide and popular belief that it makes you dumb.marijuana

Aids in Regression of Adverse Effects of Consumption of Tobacco on Lungs

This may come as a surprise to weed critics. Provided one puts a stop to cigarette smoking, marijuana can help get rid of the effects that will come about in the long run. A study conducted in 2012 showed that the lungs of tobacco smokers became worse eventually while weed smokers’ lungs indicate inflation in the size of the lungs.

Marijuana Is Beneficial If Correctly Used

In summary, weed has its potential health hazard. However, it has brought about countless medical benefits that cannot be ignored. Provided that it is used in the right manner, the positive effects will be visible.

It’s just as important to be able to satisfy your partner as it is yourself. If you find yourself needing something else besides your partner or your imagination to get aroused and stay aroused, there are plenty of enhancements on the market that will help you to do so.

Before trying just anything, it’s worth it to know which enhancement will be best for you, and how it will affect your libido in the short term and the long term. There are a few that stand out for their special and customer approved qualities.

Just as with any other prescription medication, you’ll want to use an enhancement that has been tested and approved so as not to end up in a serious medical emergency.

Untested or dangerous enhancements could cause heart problems or long-lasting defects that will be worse than not being able to get or keep an erection.

Not only is your safety at risk, but also your wallet! You will want to take into consideration which enhancement is feasible for you financially so as not to spend more than you’re willing or expecting to.

Above all, these products promise to not only maintain stiff erections on a regular basis, but will also help to boost confidence, delay ejaculation, improve technique, enhance your sexual pleasure, and most importantly, increase your sexual health.

The Best Male Enhancement Pills on the Market Right Now

Look to these 5 best overall male enhancement pills for the complete overhaul of your sex life. You’ll be glad you did!

#1. Male Extra

Male extra is designed to be extra in every department of male arousal and stamina. The product promises to maintain extra hard erections, extra sexual pleasure, and extra intense orgasms. What could be better than that?

Where You Can Buy Male Extra From?

Male Extra Sexual Performance Enhancement PillMale Extra is different from many other male enhancement products in that it cannot be purchased on Amazon or Ebay. In fact, the only way you can obtain Male Extra is specifically purchasing it through the manufacturer’s website. If this seems like a lot of hoops to jump through, think of it this way: you will prevent yourself from buying any knockoff product that may be dangerous, and you know that you are getting Male Extra for the price it was meant to be. Before you start searching for other ways to purchase it, know that the cheapest and safest way to get it is only through the people that produce it. This is a testament to Male Extra’s want for safety and affordability.

How Much Does Male Extra Cost?

Once you know where to purchase Male Extra, it’s time to identify the cost. Luckily for you, Male Extra comes in a variety of supplies. If you aren’t sure the product is for you, you can test it out by only purchasing the one-month supply. If you’ve tried Male Extra before and liked its effects, then you can stock up with the 4-month supply or the 6-month supply.

  • 1-month supply of 90 capsules will total for $64.95.
  • 4-month supply, which includes 4 bottles of the 90 capsules, will cost you $197.95 (with one bottle being free).
  • 6-month supply of Male Extra costs $249.90 (and two of these bottles will be free, as well as two erection gels). Male Extra is willing to throw in some freebies, which is always appreciated.

To put into perspective how many pills you may need, the manufacturer recommends taking 3 pills a day, without skipping any days.

How Does Male Extra Work?

Male Extra has been on the market since 2009 with bestselling results. This popular product aims to promote blood flow to the erogenous zones. Male Extra contains L-Arginine, an amino acid that increases the amount of Nitric Oxide in the body, promoting vasodilation in the blood vessels. This chemical reaction helps your blood flow to the penis, which will keep it oxidized and hard.

#2. VigRX Plus


Available since 2001, VigRX Plus is also one of the bestselling male enhancement products on the market. This is due to a variety of factors. VigRX Plus promises results in a short amount of time, meaning that you won’t have to be taking the enhancement for very long for it to prove effective. VigRX also includes more than just the enhancement itself, but also products that will continue to enhance erections and sexual pleasure. Some men who’ve used the product claim that it is, in fact, the best product on the market. For those who’ve had a difficult time getting or maintaining erections, their sex lives then being sharply decreased in frequency and pleasure, VigRX has helped them to get back to their hard, happy, and satisfied selves.

VigRX Plus at a Glance: What is it?

VigRX Plus is actually an updated version of VigRX for men, which happened to be a bestselling product when it was being produced also. The upgrade arrived in 2002, due to advancements in science and technology. Another advancement in 2010 made for even more dramatic results, with 6 million men crediting the enhancement with an increase in the frequency of erection and the ability to maintain it. Many customers have said that it’s the only male enhancement you should try and use, or for that matter, the best one on the market.

Where to Purchase VigRX and How Much

This enhancement is available on Amazon and Ebay, but it is recommended that you purchase it directly from the manufacturer’s website to avoid any scams or mishaps.

A one-month supply of VigRX will cost you $76.99. You will also have to take into consideration the shipping cost, which is usually about $20. It is preferable to buy it in bulk not only for your sex life but also for your budget.

Although the price may be higher than some other products, the guaranteed results make this product worth it in the long run. This is truly quality over quantity type of product. You’ll be glad you found it.

#3. Max Performer

Max Performer in General

For lack of a better phrase, Max Performer is known as one of the most powerful penis pills on the market today. This product is produced by Silver Blade Nutrition, a London based company, who takes this product very seriously being its only one. Max Performer is also made completely of natural ingredients including the super blood flow inducing maca root.

Max Performer claims to increase overall stamina, raise testosterone levels, improve sexual endurance, sustain longer and stronger erections, and improve sexual gratification. It is recommended to take two tablets a day before or with a meal for the best results.

Usually, with penis enlargement pills, results are guaranteed, but you’ll need to gather a lot of information in order to purchase the right one for you and your health needs.

Purchasing Max Performer

The best way to purchase all of these male enhancement products is definitely directly through their manufacturer. Max Performer is no different. Max Performer comes in a box and will cost $69. There are discounts when you buy in bulk. The most important factor to realize when purchasing male enhancements is that the cheapest option will most likely not be the best or even the second best. To improve your sex life for the long haul, and in a way that will satisfy both you and your partner, you should be choosing tested, successful, and quality products. Your sexual health and satisfaction shouldn’t have a price tag.

Recommendations for Penis Enlargement Pills

These pills are promising something different than just increased drive, erection, and stamina. Penis enlargement pills can often be dangerous if they haven’t been FDA approved or are not taken correctly. Penis enlargement pills can also be quite pricey, especially because it’s best to purchase a 3-4 month supply to truly start seeing results.

Some of the things you should be looking out for when preparing to purchase penis enlargement pills are that the pills do not contain any FDA banned ingredients, mainly. You should also look for ones that were produced in an FDA approved laboratory, and come with full money back guarantee (a standard for these types of products), delivery should be both timely and with discretion, and customer support should be available albeit by email or direct phone call.

Once your chosen product checks all of these boxes, you’ll be ready to enlarge safely and discreetly.

#4. Extenze

Extenze in General

extenze sex pillThis popular product is herbal and best-selling. Extenze claims to be effective extremely soon after consumption. Some users noticed a difference in mere hours after consumption, while others noted a difference in as little as three weeks of routine usage.

While some male enhancement products are aiming to increase the dormant aspects of the sex drive or erection, or improve what is already there, Extenze seeks to eliminate the factors that are keeping you from having the kind of sex you could be having. This means that Extenze functions in decreasing the instance of premature ejaculation increases a reduced sex drive, heals erection problems, increases a low libido, and heightens sexual pleasure you might not have known you were already capable of!

Extenze Ingredients and Functioning

Extenze is produced by a Nutraceuticals company based in California and has actually transcended FDA standards and approval. Most of this owing to the product’s ability to address psychological functioning that may be holding you back from a healthy and functioning sex life.

The powerful natural herbs used in Extenze is one of the reasons it functions so successfully, but also because Extenze’s scientific study looks at male enhancement in a different way than their competitors. Using psychologically based testing, and ingredients that naturally heighten sexual performance, Extenze is a product worth using if you not only want to improve your sexual health but better understand it.

High potencies of the natural ingredients used in Extenze should be credited to its effectiveness. Yohimbe, one of the main ingredients, promotes blood supply directly to the penis and the chambers within it, (similar to the heart) allows the sustainability of very hard erections.

Taking Extenze can be in either liquid or capsule form. Following the manufacturer’s recommendation, you will be allotted one bottle or can a day if you’re taking Extenze in liquid form, or one capsule daily otherwise.

Where to Buy Extenze

As with the other male enhancement products mentioned, the best place to purchase Extenze is directly through the manufacturer’s website. You’re just one step away from healing repressed sexual dysfunction you may not have known you had before. Extenze has proven to be one of the best products on the market for male enhancement, so it’s definitely worth trying.

#5. Prosolution Plus

Prosolution Plus at a Glance

A popular product currently on the market, Prosolution Plus is clinically proven to in its effectiveness in enhancing sex drive and libido in general, decreasing instances of erectile dysfunction, and improving endurance, and heightening sexual satisfaction.

What is Prosolution Plus?

prosolution plus pills imageProsolution Plus is manufactured by Leading Edge Health, which is based in the USA, though it is credited with meeting global standards for male enhancement. Its formula was designed to promote blood flow to the penile chambers and increase levels of testosterone in the body. This means that with Prosolution Plus, you will be more able to sustain hard and long-lasting erections.

Prosolution Plus’s formula was actually based on ancient Chinese medicine ingredients that have helped to increase male sexual performance. Along with these ingredients, modern scientific technology has been added to make this male enhancement the most effective it can be.

How to Take Prosolution Plus

When taking Prosolution Plus, it’s recommended that they are taken with food or meals so as not to upset the stomach. It is also recommended to take two pills per day, preferably one in the morning and one in the evening. It’s also worth noting that if you are already on medication, you should consult with your healthcare provider before starting Prosolution Plus.

Where to Get Prosolution Plus

As with the other male enhancement products already mentioned, it is recommended to purchase this product directly from the manufacturer.

Check out full review of ProSolution Plus here.

Things to Consider Before Beginning Your Male Enhancement Journey

There are some factors to consider before you start male enhancement therapies. It is valuable to know what type of enhancements you want in your sex life. For example: do you struggle with erectile dysfunction? Do you find yourself not having much of a libido due to psychological factors? Have you tried everything to prevent premature ejaculation and nothing has worked? Or have you just gotten older and want to add something new to your sex life? Asking yourself the critical questions will help you to know why you want to try male enhancement and also the best product to use.

Pre-existing medical conditions

It’s also worth mentioning that if you have any pre-existing conditions, are on one or more medications, or are not sure if you’re healthy enough to begin male enhancement therapy, then you should always check with your doctor before doing so. Although sex is great, you don’t want to damage your long-term sexual health and overall health over it.

Male enhancement is an enhancement in libido, erection sustainability, and performance, but it will never make your penis larger. There is nothing on the market that will make your penis larger, and any product that claims to is outright lying. If you’re ashamed or disappointed by your penis size, there’s not much you can do but to adjust your confidence. Male enhancement may allow you to discover the sex life you never knew you could have.

Exercise patience

If you’re looking for a quick fix (like overnight), that’s also a tall order. Male enhancement usually works to subtly but strongly increase the aspects of your libido and blood flow within a few days or a weeks’ time. Expecting an overnight change is not realistic. However, there are some products that will work quite quickly. Depending on your reaction time, you might be pleasantly surprised at the results. Patience is a virtue.

Follow dosage rightly

On that note, do not overdo or take more supplements than recommended to achieve faster results. The recommended dosage is designed for effectiveness and safety. You don’t want to put your health at risk just because you want a better sex life now. Maintaining your health should be the most important factor.

The difference between male enhancement, especially natural male enhancement and Viagra is significant. Viagra aims to cure erectile dysfunction and only simulates a healthy erection. Male enhancements are programs that help you to tap into what was naturally there but perhaps blocked or stunted. Where Viagra will give you an immediate erection just in time for intercourse, the male enhancement will give you long-lasting satisfaction that doesn’t include an hours-long erection. Knowing the difference is key.

Lastly, top rated male enhancement pills aren’t just taken by men with erectile dysfunction. They can be used by men who want to improve their sex life and can often be taken as a vitamin to do so.

prosolution plus pills imageMen, now we can reveal that you can use ProSolution supplement to greatly improve your sex drive, quality of erection and performance. No more premature ejaculation. When you are required to show up, be sure to last longer and enjoy sex.

This male enhancement pill is a powerful blend of herbals, vitamins, minerals and nutrients from different parts of the world that helps increase blood flow to the penis and testicles.

Imagine this…

Giving you the benefits of a magic pill with an additional bonus of natural – clinically tested – improved ejaculation. And the power and confidence to ensure you hit the mark every time.

What ProSolution Plus™ Offers

ProSolution Plus Review

Get the towering confidence that comes with a man’s performance!

Some of the benefits this sex enhancement pill includes:

  • Improvement in premature ejaculation. The supplement works to reduce premature ejaculation by 64%.
  • Increase penis size by 2-3 inches
  • Improvement in general sexual ability
  • Quality sexual satisfaction
  • Improvement in quality erection

It works from our tests – we can confirm that the ProSolution Plus by Albion Medical truly work in addressing sexual concerns. Men, get your lost spark back. Improve your erection and deal with that unwanted premature ejaculation now.

In a nutshell, ProSolution Plus™ is a portion of true machismo to give you the sexual performance like you have always wanted.prosolution improves premature ejaculation


The natural sex enhancement supplement combines a number of ingredients to ensure that you bring out your ‘A’ game.

Combining the best of ancient Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic – based on over 4,000 years of research in top notch herbs, nutrients, vitamins and minerals – we can assure you that this will help men rise in the bedroom.

The supplement is made of libido-boosting properties that will buildup in your system for an improved sexual health. ProSolution Plus™ is the true gauge of a man’s performance – the supplement will induce the sexual monster in you.

The formula includes:

  • Tribulus Terrestris – this is a natural herb with erection issues. Works by relaxing the corpora cavernoum increasing the intravascular pressure for quality erection.
  • Mucuna Pruriens – this is a tropical legume that activates the I-dopamine neurotransmitter for frequent erections and improved sexual activity.
  • Asphaltum – this is a known mineral wax with medicinal traits to remedy premature ejaculation and sexual dysfunction.
  • Withania Somnifera – contains high levels of nitric acid. This relaxes the corpora cavernosum thus increased blood flow into the penis for better erection.
  • Curculigo Orchioides – no more reduced hesitation and low sexual frequency. This natural ingredient is known to induce greater sexual performance, frequency and quality erections. It makes ProSolution Plus™ lower hesitation to engage in sexual activity.
  • Asparagus Adscendens – stress and lack of relaxation can dent your sexual performance greatly. This natural ingredient helps men get the natural relief and calmness while eliminating stress and inflammation.

Why ProSolution Plus™?

In a world where men are out to get the best male enhancement pills, we have delved into the matter and identified ProSolution Plus™ as the market leader. You can trust this supplement for the following reasons:

Clinically tested results

Getting quality, natural male enhancement pill that is backed by a scientific proof could be a daunting task.

We care about our clients. ProSolution Plus™ is a well formulated supplement that delivers to ensure improved quality of erection and premature ejaculation.

Lasting mark of quality

You need to check out the ProSolution Plus™ supplement’s performance over the years. Multiple users have come out to show their satisfaction after using this pill.

ProSolution Plus™ is a respected brand with years of quality service to the men out there. The brand prides of its towering performance amongst men who have been struggling to achieve quality sex.

It is not any magic or rocket science. We have sought to give a lasting, reliable solution to men for enhanced sexual pleasure. The quality herbals, minerals, vitamins and nutrients have been blended together to bring out the best in a male sex enhancement supplement. The pill guarantees results and backs on a clinical proof.

It is doctor-approved

doctor carrying ipadWe do not just let you take our word for it; ProSolution Plus™ is approved by the doctors. It is a reassuring aspect that all men are looking out for in the market.

It has been recommended as an effective supplement and well-tolerated. From the testimonials, the industry’s respected physicians were known to like the product. They have recommended the supplement to men who are seeking to enjoy more sex with more frequencies.

ProSolution Plus Dosage

The normal dosage for the ProSolution Plus™ supplement is 2 pills every day. This sets the monthly supply to 60 capsules.

Testimonial and ProSolution Pills Before and After Pictures

“Since I have taken this medical wonder I have had some amazing results. I was taking another companies’ pill and they were not making things bigger until I started to take ProSolution. That was 3 or 4 months ago and I have gotten a penis size of 6 1/4 inches now since I was 4 3/4 inches.” Jon, Texas


Save more and get your sexual life on track with our ProSolution Plus™. We have set out to reward men who have been using this supplement for 4 months or longer.

From experience, we have realized that men get better results after a long use of this enhancement pill. For such loyalty, we have bonus gifts such as:

  • FREE shipping
  • FREE ProSolution Plus™ Gel Tube
  • FREE box of Semen Volume Enhancer
  • FREE access to the erection system website

Cost and Shipping Options

 The company guarantees results after 67 days of continuous use of this male enhancement pill. Unlike the prescription erection pills that one has to take every time before having sex, ProSolution Plus™ pills should be taken on an ongoing basis to realize the best results.

  • 1 Month package: $69.95 (Save $10.00)
  • 2 Month Package: $119.95 (Save $39.95)
  • 3 Month Package: $164.95 (Save $74.90) (Bonus: FREE Erection System Website Access)
  • 4 Month Package: $209.95 (Save $109.85) (Bonus: FREE Erection System Website Access)
  • 5 Month package: $254.95 (Save $144.80(Bonuses: FREE Tube of ProSolution™ Gel + FREE Erection System Website Access+ FREE Shipping Available! (USA Only))
  • 6 Month package: $299.95 (Save $179.75(Bonuses: FREE Tube of ProSolution™ Gel + FREE Erection System Website Access+ FREE Shipping Available! (USA Only))
  • 12 Month package: $429.95 (Save $529.45) (Bonuses: FREE Volume Pills™ Semen Enhancer + FREE Tube of ProSolution™ Gel + FREE Erection System Website Access + FREE Shipping Available! (USA Only))

Shipping is done through FED-EX, United States Postal Service, and UPS – for the same day delivery.

 ProSolution Plus™ Payment Options

Currently, ProSolution Plus™ accepts VISA, Master Card and AMEX payments.

Our Verdict

 ProSolution Plus™ does promise guarantee results within 67 days, however from our view we think you need a solution like Male Extra that is safe and natural with guaranteed results within the first few weeks.

We are not out to put off men with more advanced sexual challenges from using ProSolution Plus™, however, it is not rocket science – everyone needs value for money and that is what we are advocating for here at ndeoa.org.